Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Remastered Bundle

I have been putting off buying the remastered versions of Sullivan's Anne of Green Gables films and Road to Avonlea in hopes that a Blu-ray release was coming.  This weekend, Sullivan Entertainment  had a great special on a bundle of the remastered Anne films and the complete series of Road to Avonlea and I couldn't help myself!

The bundle came with some great extras, including: Kevin Sullivan's novelization of A New Beginning, the Anne of Green Gables Story Book, some Road to Avonlea photos, an autographed photo of Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Anne, a soundtrack CD and some assorted chocolates and candies.

I can't wait to start watching! I'm planning to do some posts in which I compare the remastered and standard versions.

1 comment:

  1. I've always wanted to watch the Road to Avonlea. I found a Christmas Road to Avonlea special at the library and I really liked it, but they didn't have the whole series. Your blog post is making me want to buy it!